K[so much more than]GOOD Warehouse Fashion Shoot

I was thrilled to be photographed by KGOOD Photography on my 31st birthday last March. Tonight, nearly a year later, I came across a blog post by owner/photographer Kelsey that was well worth a post. While she does an amazing job shooting weddings (see some of her work on her website, here), she also ensures that she satisfies her artistic thirst with an OTT fashion shoot once a year. These are the projects that make me go awe (like I’m in awe of her talent and vision, not aw like kitten).


I’ll only include one image from the shoot here (and hope that she forgives my copyright infringement in light of my unabashed praise)… but I strongly encourage you to take a look at the rest of this super cool Victoria heritage warehouse location shoot – Check it out here.

Also check out Kelsey’s website and if you like her stuff (which you absolutely will), like her  Facebook page, here.


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